Machine room-less elevators

An independent machine room is not required any more by Goldenstar machine room-less elevator solution. Great performance does not require a machine room but a great technology which lives up to ever increasing demands on efficiency, flexibility and safety for every investment. The permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive unit is installed inside of the shaft, so that the space of traditional machine room is obviated and the cost for building construction is consequently reduced. In addition this makes the architectural design more flexible and adaptable.

Designed for 2 - 30 sto earless elevators. The reduced sheave size, together with a redesigned machine makes the whole package compact thus allowing the machine to be mounted within the hoist way itself and so eliminating the requirement for a machine room on the roof.

  • Maintenance-friendly, gearless high-performance drive with minimum space requirements.

  • Ultra-smooth and comfortable ride, no jerking.

  • Energy saving and oil-free machine protecting our environment.

  • Long life due to use of high-quality materials and a small number of wearing parts.