Hospital elevators

The design of TE-Hospital takes full consideration of hospital environment with a view to our constant objective of providing excellent ride quality for the passengers in a hospital.

  • Save life by the minute
    The scenario of saving a patient's life by the minute happens everyday in a hospital. The intelligent computer dispatching system equipped with CAN-BUS optimizes the elevator group behavior by real time in order to reduce the waiting time to the minimum.

  • Accurate leveling
    Our advanced technology, quality components, use of know-how and preventive maintenance make the elevator floor leveling constantly within 3mm, which offers a smooth passage between the car floor and landing for wheel-beds and wheel-chairs.

  • Low noise from smooth travel
    The state-of-the-art phoenix Elevator control system in perfect combination with the reliable VVVF drive is an optimal solution to hospital elevators which offer both comfortable and silent rides between floors for passengers in a hospital. The whole process of leveling, door opening and closing as well as floor-to-floor traveling is hardly noticeable to people around.