Standard Features

Anti-nuisance Car Call Protection
The elevator identifies that there is only a single passenger load in the car but more than three or four calls have been registered. It would then cancel the calls. This feature is to prevent unnecessary movement due to playful children.

Independent Service (For Duplex Only)
When the independent key switch is turned on, all registered hall calls are cancelled and the elevator responds only to car calls. No hall calls can be registered during this service

Overload Device
When an overload is detected the car does not start and the doors remain open. The elevator operation resumes only upon removal of the overload.

If the doors are prevented from closing for a fixed period of time, a buzzer is activated and the doors begin to close at a reduced speed.

Emergency Firemen’s Service
This feature automatically places the car at the designated return landing with the doors fully open. The fireman can then enter and take control of the elevator.

Emergency Car Light Unit
An automatically rechargeable emergency power supply will switch on upon failure of the normal lighting supply.

Infrared Curtain Door Protection
Entrance protection system forms a safety net across the effective entrance area with invisible infrared beams that are able to detect passengers and objects in the path of closing doors, within a fraction of second. Therefore, should a passenger enter or exit the elevator just when the doors close, the system instantaneously reopens the elevator doors allowing, the passengers to enter or exit freely.
Due to its design superiority, even if a single beam is interrupted, the elevator door opens automatically and remains open until the passenger clears the door way.

Door Time Protection
If the car door does not close completely within an adjustable time after the door close command, the elevator will enter the DTC mode: remove itself from group operation. Hall calls will be assigned to other elevators in the group. Open its doors and sound the buzzer in the car operating panel. Attempt closing the doors again. After three unsuccessful retries, the car will shut down with its doors open. Pending car calls will be cleared.

Emergency Alarm Button
The emergency alarm bell located at the ground floor/lobby will be activated by pressing the alarm button in the car operating panel, the device is powered by battery.

Extra Door Time of Lobby & Parking
The lobby door time is normally longer than the time at other landings to allow extra passenger traffic at the lobby. Door timing is adjustable to suit the needs of the building.

Door Open / Close Button
Door open/close button in the car operating panel permits independent, opening / closing or automatic door, and to keep it open / closed by constant pressure.

Manual Rescue Operation
The rescue of people trapped within the car is carried out by within the car is carried out by the manual inspection rescue box. It allows the movement of the car to the closest floor.

Belt Inspection Device
Reliability and safety are further enhanced with Otis’ PULSE Electronic system which continually monitors the status of the belt’s steel cords 24h/7d.
Contrary to current visual inspections of conventional steel ropes, the Otis PULSE system automatically detects and indicates through LED. This feature helps Otis technicians to monitor the quality of the belt cord and greatly enhances the reliability of the inspection.